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Letter to sponsors

Between the 6th and 17th August 2012, Opole University will host the 24th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (in short: ESSLLI). We feel greatly honoured to have been distinguished with the mission to organize such a prestigious all-European event.

The tradition of annual two-week meetings of ESSLLI dates back to 1989. Since that time 23 Summer Schools have successfully been organized. The Schools, apart from their statutory scientific and educational tasks, serve the purpose of strengthening bonds between academic communities of all European universities, especially between young scientists and students. The last of the above-mentioned aspects of each School held so far has clearly proved to be of paramount importance, since there are hundreds of young people and a great number of the most outstanding European professors who come and work together during this two-week event. It seems there is no better opportunity to develop and exchange scientific thought by so many scientists gathered at one place, professionals who are currently shaping the disciplines of logic, language and informatics and those who will be doing so in the future.

Obviously, a good and effective preparation of the School – a large-scale enterprise as regards logistics – requires an enormous outlay of work and substantial investment of financial means. Therefore, we would like to turn to all individuals and institutions with a sincere request to kindly support us both in terms of logistics and finance. We guarantee that every single złoty, euro or dollar donated will be used well and turned to a good cause. We are open to any form of cooperation and shall honour our sponsors and benefactors in the way they will wish. For the first thing, their names will be placed on the official documents issued by the School, and – primarily – on the School’s which is visited by hundreds of people all over Europe

Organizing Committee:

Professors Janusz Czelakowski and Urszula Wybraniec-Skardowska

(University of Opole)

ESSLLI 2012 website:

P.S. For your convenience, below please find the numbers of Opole University accounts to which donations can be made over (please add the following note: Sponsor ESSLLI Opole 2012)

Account in PLN: 09 1090 2138 0000 0005 5600 0043

Account in EUR: PL 88 1090 2138 0000 0005 5600 0076


Account in USD: PL 45 1090 2138 0000 0005 5600 0074


Email address for correspondence (Dr Robert Sochacki, ESSLLI 2012 Treasurer):


Minister of Science and Higher Education - Professor Barbara Kudrycka Marshall of Opole Province (Voivodeship) - Mr Józef Sebesta Rector of Opole University - Professor Krystyna Czaja Mayor of Opole - Mr Ryszard Zembaczyński RADIO OPOLE TVP Opole Polish Association for Logic and Philosophy of Science The INFTY Research Networking Programme The Association for Symbolic Logic European Network for Social Intelligence ZAK S.A. Cement Plant ODRA

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